Aeroteq Air Conditioning caters for all size homes, new, existing, and soon to be existing.

Our obligation free quote allows our technicians to come and assess the correct size and type of machine needed for your home.  We can offer you a range of options available to help keep within your budget. 


Wall mounted split systems are ideal for heating or cooling a single room or area of your house. They are suitable for bedrooms, living areas, small to medium offices , kitchens,  caravans, rental properties, units and granny flats. Units come in both fixed speed and inverter range.


Ducted systems provide air conditioned comfort through every room in your home or office. 

Zoning means you can choose which areas you want to cool or heat

A typical layout may be:
Zone 1: Kitchen and Family Room
Zone 2: Dining and Living Room
Zone 3: Bedrooms

Ducted air conditioning can be installed to new or existing homes

 An indoor unit is installed in the ceiling space or floor and connected with small pipes to the outdoor unit.  The indoor unit pumps conditioned air through flexible ducts to discreet vents in each room. Units come in both fixed speed and inverter range.


Multi-head split system air conditioners are ideal for cooling or heating individual areas of your home/office at once.  Each outlet can be temperature controlled.  The systems comprise of one outdoor unit and several indoor units.  Units come in both fixed speed and inverter range.

What is an inverter?

Inverter technology allows a machine to reach the desired room temperature faster and automatically adjusts its output to maintain perfect comfort. This makes the Inverter Units more economical, quiet & efficient to operate.

Most brands of all split systems and ducted system air conditioning systems will offer an inverter range.

Whatever your choice of air conditioning system, we offer 7 YEARS warranty on all of our workmanship!

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